PIK GROUP 2Q 2015 Trading Update - новости ПИК от 20 июля 2015
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20 июля 2015

PIK GROUP 2Q 2015 Trading Update

MOSCOW, July 20, 2015 - PIK Group (LSE: PIK) released today its trading update for the six months ended June 30, 2015 (2Q2015). The operational and financial data are based on management assessment only and have not been reviewed by external auditors.


1H2015 key operational highlights:

  •    Total cash collections increased by 10.0% to RUB 30.0 billion (1H2014: RUB27.3 billion).
    •    Cash collections from sale of real estate to individuals increased by 6.8% to RUB 22.9 billion (1H2014: RUB 21.5 billion).
    •    Cash collections from construction services and others increased by 24.2% to RUB 7.0 billion (1H2014: RUB 5.6 billion).
  •    New sales contracts to customers increased by 4.6% to 228 th. sqm. (1H2014: 218 th. sq. meters).
  •    In 1H2015, PIK launched 17 new projects compared to 26 new projects in 1H2014. New sellable area in the buildings put on sale decreased by 12.3% to 308 th. sq. meters (1H2014: 351 th. sq. meters).
  •    Share of mortgage backed sales reached 39.4% in 2Q2015, growing back to the level of the early 2014 due to federal mortgage support program.