Moscow Government extends the Metro line to Mytischi - новости ПИК от 30 мая 2012
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30 мая 2012

Moscow Government extends the Metro line to Mytischi

Moscow Government confirmed the plans for extension of Metro line to the city of Mytishchi, located in the North-East of Moscow region.

A new Metro station will be located in the intersection of Sukromka and Borisovka streets just a few minute walk from the residential complex Yaroslavskiy developed by PIK Group. The planning and development of Metro station in Mytishchi will start in the nearset future.

Residential complex Yaroslavskiy with a total area of 114.25 ha is a modern residential district-size complex including 42 multi-story residential buildings with well-developed infrastructure including commercial premises on the ground floors, parking, kindergartens, schools, play-grounds. The buildings comprise panel P-3M, panel KOPE and monolithic concrete residential buildings. The Metro station opening in the close vicinity to the complex is an additional positive issue to the project.