Sport and leisure in your courtyard! - новости ПИК от 15 августа 2011
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15 августа 2011

Sport and leisure in your courtyard!

We take into account suggestions of the residents, what they think is necessary for fun and safe pastime in the playground. After our investigation we found out that in addition to children's sports and play facilities adults would like to have street exercise furniture and equipment as well.

 That is why we set outdoor fitness equipment, where it is needed as a part of the program “PIK_2.0".

At the moment we set gym facilities and outdoor fitness equipment in the following residential complexes:

  • 22, bld. 2 and bld. 3, Krasniy Mayak street, Moscow
  • Oksko-Volgskiy district, Moscow
  • Yubileyniy and Novokurkino, Khimki
  • 8 and 8A, Borisovka, Mytishchi.

We want to thank all our residents who actively expressed their wishes and we hope that we'll get more feedback and suggestions about what would be the most convenient and desired for the courtyards.