48-th anniversary of the industrial housing plant DSK-3 - новости ПИК от 28 мая 2012
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28 мая 2012

48-th anniversary of the industrial housing plant DSK-3

Moscow, May 18, 2012 - PIK Group, a leading Russian real estate developer focusing on large-scale residential projects within the Moscow Metropolitan Area and selected Russian regions, today celebrates the 48 anniversary of DSK-3, one of the major Moscow industrial housing  plants, which is a  part of PIK Group since June 2005.

During its lifetime plant developed more than ten different series of affordable housing buildings, have been built more than 22 million sq. m  of residential real estate and become one of the leading residential house-building plants in Moscow and Moscow region.

Last year DSK-3 launched a new modernized residential building series called P-3MK Flagman. The new  Flagman series  fully meets all the modern requirements of both building regulations and consumer preferences.

PIK Group constantly improves its production technologies to lead the market in modern affordable housing, investing into building series modernization.