PIK Group opens a new school and kindergarten in its Mytischi project Yaroslavsky - новости ПИК от 03 августа 2012
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03 августа 2012

PIK Group opens a new school and kindergarten in its Mytischi project Yaroslavsky

Moscow, August 3 2012 – PIK Group, a leading Russian real estate developer focusing on large-scale residential projects within the Moscow Metropolitan Area and selected Russian regions, today celebrates the grand opening event a of two socially important objects - the new secondary school № 31  and a kindergarten Buratino, located in Group's Yaroslavsky project in Mytischi in the Moscow Region.

It is important to note that the kindergarten Buratino is the second kindergarten  built and  fully equipped by PIK Group in Mytischi. A new three-story kindergarten with total area of 5 400  sq. m hosts 250 children. There are large classrooms, homelike bedrooms, art studio and classes for speech correction, swimming pool, library and computer room, athletic gym and medical office with modern equipment.

A new three-story secondary school №31 with total area of 25 174 sq. m hosts 1000 children and is equipped with most-up-to-date: modern sport hall, stadium covered with a special coating, gym and two swimming pools with a comfortable change-rooms. A large conference hall is equal to the real theater.

All social facilities are constructed using the most advanced, certified and environmentally friendly materials. PIK Group pays special attention to the safety of construction and building operation. Video monitoring, sound alerts and advanced automatic fire-alarm systems were installed in both the kindergarten and the school.

The project Yaroslavsky comprises modern buildings with comfortable apartments as well as 5 schools and 7 kindergartens, sport and playgrounds, shopping and business center, clinics, sports facilities and shops in the residential district.