PIK Launches Franchise - новости ПИК от 27 марта 2019
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27 марта 2019

PIK Launches Franchise

PIK has announced the launch of a new service — PIK Franchise. From today, the company has started accepting applications from potential franchisees.
The PIK Franchise platform offers ready-made solutions in business and project management, finance and construction technologies.
The company’s new service will be available to advanced and innovative real estate developer, players in the new market of project financing, real estate consultants and holding companies without in-house construction expertise.

Sergey Gordeev, CEO of PIK: «PIK’s experience and innovative solutions are sought after in construction, production, site improvement projects, building maintenance, client relations, project manаgement and other areas. We aim to develop and improve not only the company but also the market as a whole, and so have decided to launch our franchise platform».

Alexey Almazov, Head of PIK Franchise: «PIK Franchise is not a classic franchise model. To be able to work under the PIK brand, partners need to go through several stages of assessment and acquire ratings under the PIK certification system. Initially, partners will work using PIK technologies and methodologies on white-label principle, followed by quite a lengthy period of certification to PIK’s key standards. After that, depending on the its aggregate rating, the company may start operating under PIK brand».

The real estate development franchise is launched in Russia and the CIS. A franchise for IT solutions is extended to other markets as well. Applications for a PIK franchise can be submitted at the following link