PIK GROUP 1H2018 Trading Update - новости ПИК от 11 июля 2018
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11 июля 2018

PIK GROUP 1H2018 Trading Update

MOSCOW, July 11, 2018 — PIK Group, the leading Russian residential developer, released today its trading update for the six months ended June 30, 2018 (1H2018).

1H2018 key operational highlights:

  • Total cash collections increased by 17,7% to RUB 111,1 billion (1H2017: RUB94.4 billion).

- Cash collections from sale of real estate increased by 26.0% to RUB 104.2 billion (1H2017: RUB 82.7 billion).

- Cash collections from construction services and others decreased by 41,2% to RUB 6,9 billion (1H2017: RUB 11.7 billion)

  • New sales contracts to customers increased by 9.4% to 843 th. sqm. (1H2017: 771 th. sq. meters).
  • In 1H2018, PIK put on sale 36 new buildings compared to 52 new buildings in 1H2017.

 - New sellable area in the buildings put on sale decreased by 19.5% to 871 th. sq. meters (1H2017: 1 080 th. sq. meters).

  • Completions decreased by 28.3% to 286 th. sqm. (1H2017: 399 th. sqm.)
  • Share of mortgage-backed sales reached 65% in 1H2018.

Sergei Gordeev, President and Chairman of the Management Board, said:
«In the first half of 2018, PIK retained positive dynamics on the main operating indicators and reiterates the fulfillment of previously announced forecasts for 2018. In the first half of the year, the Company's main efforts were aimed at preparing for the launch of new projects in the second half of the year, as well as further improving operational efficiency and increasing the margins of our projects.»

2018 Outlook

  • PIK Group intends to maintain a leading position in the residential real estate market and provides the following guidance for 2018:

- Total new sales to customers between the range of 1.7 — 1.9 million sq. m
- Total cash collections of RUB 180 — 200 billion




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